Monday, November 1, 2010

Suzuki Sidekick

The Suzuki Sidekick is the same exact thing as the Geo Tracker, just a different name. Suzuki started making sidekicks in 1989, and they discontinued them in 1999. The early versions of the Tracker and Sidekick, were both powered by Suzuki's 1.6 DOHC 4-cylinder engine. They both had the option of of 3-speed automatics, 4-speed automatics, or a 5-speed manual transmission. Since the Sidekick is the same thing as the Tracker, that means that you will have the same amout of fun with it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Customized Tracker

If your planning on buying a Geo Tracker, you have to decide if and how you are going to customize it. There is nothing wrong with just a regular tracker, there's no such thing as a "boring tracker," but there is such thing as a "better tracker." If you do decide to modify/customize your tracker, there are many things that you can change or add to the tracker. I would start by getting rid of your old 15 inch tires and get some 35's to put on it. The rest is up to you, I'll put some pictures of customized trackers on, so you can get an idea on what to do with yours.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Geo Trackers Accessories

When looking at a Geo Tracker to buy, there are a few things you have to consider before you puchase it. The first thing you have to consider is what kind of transmission you want, Trackers come with 3-speed automatics, 4-speed automatics, or a 5-speed manual. I suggest the manual because it gets better mpg, you get to choose when to shift, and it's a lot of fun. Next you have to consider whether you want a 2 door, or 4 door. 4 door Trackers look more like family SUVs, so unless you actually need the 4 door capacity, I would not suggest it. Just looking at the 2 door and 4 door, you can tell that the 2 door looks more fun. Finally you need to see if it is a 4x4 or not. If it does not have 4x4, then take a deep breath, and walk away. There is no way you will have as much fun in a 2 wheel drive Tracker.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Geo Tracker Origins

The first Geo Tracker was made in Japan and all of the 1988 models came from Japan. Japan also made 89, and 90 models. In 1989, the United States and Canada started making the Trackers, and they continued until 2004, when Argentina took over production. Argentina only made the Trackers until 2007 though. Ecuador started making the Tracker in 1996, and is still making them today. The second generation of the Tracker (Suzuki Grand Vitara) was made in the U.S from 1999 - 2004. After that they started making them in Argentina from 2004 - present. They made them in Ecuador from 1999 - present.

1990 Geo Tracker Front View

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Geo Tracker

This blog is about the Geo Tracker. The Tracker has been around since 1988 when they came out with the first one, and they are still making them under Chevrolet . The first tracker was a 2- door, 4x4 that got about 25 mpg. They didnt start making 2 wheel drive Trackers until 1992 when they came out with the 2- door convertable which got up to 35 mpg.